TCO Golf Events is an event marketing agency created in 2016 in Switzerland by Thierry Czarnyszka.
A passionate player at the service of his community, Thierry is extremely interested in the economic development of golf and its democratization, especially among young people.

  • We offer an exhilarating experience to show that golf is a sport which is accessible to all and that deserves to be played for the numerous values and benefits it brings: conviviality and social ties, spirit of competition and well-being and health.
  • Our aim is democratizing golf, making it known through an innovative concept, inspired by the USA, where the Entertainment Golf is thriving, which is shown by the success of Topgolf and illustrates the example of the PUMA brand.
  • We adapt the USA Entertainment golf to the European market through a chic and refined mobile event which offers low costs to reach a large audience, with a high-end positioning.

With Starlight Golf, the agency has the ambition to turn golf practices into a fun, promotional space and an advertising platform for its customers and partners.